BOMBSHELL: What Rosenstein Just Did Spells Doom For Deep State Traitors..

The very first things people involved in a cover up want to do is to drag things out for as long as possible until the truth can come out.

There are people in Washington, whether you want to believe it or not that are actually set on getting the truth to come out even if they have to end up telling the American people something that isn’t exactly appetizing to the senses.

Devin Nunes has spent the last several months just trying to get to the truth.

However, what the DOJ made Nunes do to get some very simple answers is a complete disgrace and insult to the people of America.

Justice Department officials did everything they could to ignore Congress’s questions by denying, delaying, and obstructing the truth.

It is frankly, outrageous, that the DOJ has been getting away with this for so long.

Well, you can only get away with corruption for so long.

Recently Nunes lost his cool over explosive texts that were leaked about the IG report, ones that the DOJ intentionally kept secret from Nunes.

From the Washington Examiner: The Justice Department has begun to provide documents to the House Intelligence Committee this week, following explicit threats by Republican chairmen.

A small cache of documents was given to intelligence panel staff on Tusday, followed by another tranche on Wednesday, a congressional source told the Washington Examiner.

The exact content of those records was not disclosed, but they came on the heels of tough talk from House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy over the weekend.

The South Carolina Republican said Sunday that House Speaker Paul Ryan led a meeting with senior Justice Department and FBI officials Friday, and claimed he “made it very clear” the House will use “its full arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance” on outstanding subpoenas.

Moments later, in a separate interview, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said there would be “hell to pay” Wednesday morning if the Justice Department hadn’t started to turn over documents.

A Justice Department official told the Washington Examiner that they agreed to “provide a specific documents by Friday or explain why we couldn’t.”

“That process is underway, including delivery of many of the requested documents today,” the official said.

This is big and devastating to the deep state. Remember, the DOJ “handed” over some documents earlier but left out critical pieces of information.

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