BOMBSHELL: Deep State Leaker Against Trump Charged With MAJOR Crimes

One would think that the high ranking people that we choose to protect our nation’s secrets would do just that.

However, it seems that they jut cannot wait to tell folks everything that they know that others aren’t supposed to know.

It’s actually fairly insulting on a personal level. Recalling when I was in the military, when I was in the Middle East and would call home they would tell us not to even tell anyone at home what time it was where I was calling from because that might tell people our position when we didn’t want them to know it.

Leaks are as common to D.C. as, well corruption, fraud, and sexual abuse. The people who we elect to run our country are as dishonest as the worst mafia boss.

That’s especially true when it comes to leaking sensitive information to the press.
Government officials, especially people appointed to important jobs, love dishing out the details. They gossip more than old housewives.
And what they’re talking about isn’t as harmless as what a neighbor’s up to. From senators to security officials, seriously important information is leaked to the press. Sometimes it can be damaging to our national security.

Makes you really want to trust our leaders, huh? But this toxic situation has been going on long before Trump took office. Even his administration has not be free from leaks. Although, much has changed since his first year in office. The leaks seem to have stopped. How is that possible?

Turns out a major leaker was caught red-handed. Now he’s facing the music.

From The Right Scoop: Here we go, they caught the guy who was leaking to his very very very… very.. younger reporter girlfriend. It appears. Allegedly…

Federal law enforcement officials secretly seized years’ worth of a New York Times reporter’s phone and email records this year in an investigation of classified information leaks. It was the first known instance of the Justice Department going after a reporter’s data under President Trump…

Shortly before she began working at The Times, F.B.I. agents approached Ms. Watkins seeking information about a previous three-year romantic relationship with James A. Wolfe, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s former director of security, saying they were investigating unauthorized leaks.

Looks like Wolfe had retired in January. Wanted to get out before the heat came, eh Jimmy? But it seems like the FBI was already on to him.

Wolfe, like many others in D.C., had no problem leaking sensitive information to the press. He was in a relationship with a much younger woman—a report in her twenties. I’m sure it was all about love, not a toxic quid pro quo between two crooks.

The woman was willing to sleep with an ogre-looking man, in exchange for dirt she could publish. Wolfe, in exchange, got—you know what.

Sex, lies, and leaks. That’s all D.C. has come to be known for. Not upholding our Constitution and freedoms.

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