This Is The Powerful Video That Got Kim Jong Un To Make The Deal With Trump

For anyone to say that President Trump does not know how to get someone to see things his way is an incorrect assumption on its best day.

One of the best ways to get someone to keep from doing something totally dangerous is to tug at their heartstrings. It’s not a deceitful tactic, just a matter of getting them to see the forest for the trees.

It’s often been said that one of the minor contributing factors to the cooling of heads when it came to the Soviet Union wanting to come back to the table as far as talking peace with the United States in the 1980s was the release of the movie The Day After where it showed what a modern day tactic would potentially look like and the after effects.

At the end of the film, there was a small bit of text before the credits that effectively said that the filmmakers didn’t show the full scope of what could happen because people wouldn’t be able to process it. Somehow, a copy of the film got into Soviet hands and was shown on their state run television. Not long after that the Soviet Union decided that talking to The Great Communicator was a good idea.

President Trump wrote the book on the “Art of the Deal.”  He made it a habit of closing major deals where others failed to because he was always thinking outside the box and willing to do the unconventional.

The key is getting the person on the other side of the table to believe they’ll be better off by agreeing to the deal than if they don’t.  Oh, and stroking their ego.

So while the mainstream media resorted to attacking President Trump for even meeting with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un, our president treated him with the respect usually reserved for allied heads of state.

You know, the kind of respect President Trump didn’t receive from Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this past weekend at the G-7 Summit.

In return Trump stomped Trudeau to the curb and will likely nuke NAFTA and cost Trudeau and the citizens that he represents as much as $100 Billion annually.

Trump doesn’t make childish mistakes like that.  He showed Kim every respect even walking him through some situations that might’ve caused Kim some embarrassment.

Trump also appealed to Kim’s sense of history and the role that he could play in changing the world for the better.  Then Trump showed Kim a movie that he had made especially for this moment.  A movie that showed Kim what was possible.

It just might be four minutes that change the course of history.


“Seven billion people inhabit Planet Earth. Of those alive today, only a small number will leave a lasting impact. And only the very few will make decisions or take actions that renew their homeland and change the course of history.

“History is always evolving, and there comes a time when only a few are called upon to make a difference. But the question is: What difference will the few make? The past doesn’t have to be the future.

“Out of the darkness can come the light, and the light of hope can burn bright.’

“A new world can begin today, one of friendship, respect and goodwill. Be part of that world, where the doors of opportunity are ready to be opened.”

It would be hard for any leader to walk away from a chance for immortality.

As a result, Trump walked away from his meeting with a chance for full-scale denuclearization of the Korean Peninsular.

We’ll find out whether Kim lives up to his end of the bargain over the coming months and years.  Those who have dealt with Donald Trump know that Trump will make sure the United States will live up to its end of the bargain.

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