JUST IN: In 24 Hours Congress Will Be ROCKED With Resignations!

Many of the representatives and senators in Congress were not happy when the public elected Donald Trump to be the President of the United States. Was it a difference in beliefs? It was not. They are scared, and now we know why.

Politics does not come without corruption. Congress is no exception. Now it looks like that those who used their positions within Congress and their privileges to their advantage will be exposed.

The Daily Caller reports that the dam will break open within the next 24 hours. Rumors have run wild on who will be effected by this. Lawsuit settlements have been whispered to have been done by both men and women in Congress.

The major prediction on this major scandal is that when it breaks open, then heads will roll and the resignations will start pouring in. This will most likely lead to a dozen people from the House of Representatives turning in their papers and walking away.

Tweets are pouring in with the anticipation of the opening of the floodgates.

Daily Caller National Foundation (DCNF) reporter Luke Rosiak said in his tweet:


From the looks of it, more harassment scandals are about to break open along with some lawsuit settlement details. Rosiak seems really confident as well. He was quick to follow up his ground breaking tweet with another in reference to the soon to be scandal.

Now we know why most of Congress did not want to see President Trump elected. Had Hilary been elected, any wrongdoing that has happened in Congress would for sure be covered up by her. She allows herself to be the puppet. That is why she was supported by so many in the political field.

The public was not buying though, and nor will we stand for Congress making a fool out of us.

Congress does not seem to have long before the official Pandora’s box opens. Like Rosiak said: Tick, tock.

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