Confused Old Senator Menendez Comes UNGLUED, Gets Mad For People Calling Illegals Criminals! (VIDEO)

If someone goes somewhere without the permission of the owner, that person is there illegally.

If that person is there illegally, than they are committing a crime.

Now, this is something that many Democratic politicians just do not understand. They do not understand the concept of what is a crime and who is an illegal.

For example, if you invite someone into your home they have permission to be there. If they break in, they are their illegally.

Which is why it’s so awful when you hear about an illegal alien that commits a crime against an American citizen, it’s something that could have been prevented.

Democrats’ pro-illegal immigrant fervor is reaching a fever pitch. Now, one is taking that a step further, implying that illegals driving under the influence are not criminals.

In an appearance on Wolf Blitzer’s “The Situation Room” earlier this week, Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey took a confusing stand for illegals.

Responding to a statement about ICE’s need for beds, the Democratic lawmaker opened up a tirade against those trying to hold illegals accountable to the law. At one point, he even put up a seeming defense of those caught drunk driving.

Watch his statements below.

The short clip begins with Blitzer reading off a statement by the deputy director of ICE. Menendez was quick to slam both ICE and the president.

“The reason they are already 8,000 over their budgeted amount, so they’re violating the budget, is because of the president’s zero-tolerance policy that has turned everyone, regardless of their record, into a criminal,” Menendez said.

“If you cross the border undocumented, he has now made you a criminal.”

Not so fast, Bob.

As even PolitiFact admits, while being in the United States undocumented is not technically a crime, crossing the border illegally is. This isn’t part of President Donald Trump’s agenda — it’s a U.S. law that’s already on the books.

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