CNN has LOST! The Public Has Spoken!

After several blunders over the past year, it looks like the public is finally tired of CNN. Viewership is at a cripplingly low number.

The ratings for three news shows are in.

According to the numbers, the world does not care what CNN has to say about the world anymore.

According to Breibart, Fox News is the leader in the ratings with 1.43 million daily viewer average and primetime average of 2.299 million.

CNN fell a bit short of those numbers.

Affectionately known as “Clinton News Network” their average daily viewership was 690,000. The primetime slot did not fair much better with 855,000 average.

As Breibart states:

Putting CNN in a distant last place was second place MSNBC, which nearly doubled CNN’s paltry primetime viewership (855 thousand) with 1.687 million total viewers. Both of the left-wing networks were far apart in total day viewers, with MSNBC notching 942 thousand, compared to the 690 thousand for last place CNN.

Fewer than 1 million people tune into CNN for their fact check. YouTubers get more views than this.


AdWeek has also chimed in on these ratings results:

CNN may have defeated MSNBC in the demo during daytime hours, but the latter got the best of the former in total audience. For the second straight month, MSNBC dayside (M-F, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) defeated CNN in total viewers. It was the No. 3 basic cable network in the dayside daypart in total viewers, only behind Nickelodeon and Fox News.

Obviously other cable shows such as The 11th Hour With Brian Williams stood out. However, the main victory is that people are wising up to CNN’s garbage reporting.


After being caught twisting new, and falsifying facts, CNN is getting exactly what they deserve.

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