What many people consider to be one of the sad things about the way that CNN is conducting itself is that they know that they could be doing much better and we all know the same thing.

Take a look at so many events in American history up until the liberal cabal got their clutches on CNN. CNN USED to be a trusted name in news, now a guy yelling out of his front window could get a higher television rating.

Now we know without a doubt that CNN and their reporters are corrupt. 

CNN’s Jim Acosta was caught manufacturing fake news just for a story. He manufactured something that was completely false to create an incident that did not happen.

The anti-Trump activist was caught on video last week being a part of reckless grandstanding.

He was actually manufacturing fake news before everyone’s eyes.

We even have a full description of proof to show you. You be the judge of what really took place within CNN’s dirty newsroom. 

According to greatamericanrepublic: In the video embedded below, Acosta is present at a White House event where President Trump delivered remarks about the five journalists murdered in Maryland on Thursday. As you will see, though, Acosta is clearly too far away to be seen or heard by the president.

Nevertheless, although there is no way he will be heard, Acosta drops all pretense of professionalism to still holler a question to the president: “Will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people, sir?”

It is only at the end of the video that we discover Acosta’s true motive, and it is the opposite of journalism. Watch as Acosta turns around to look at his cameraman and appears to ask if they got the shot. Then the camera lights are shut off, which again reveals just how staged and artificial all of this is.

This is not journalism.

Acosta and CNN knew Trump was too far away to hear the question.

This is staging news, manufacturing news, a fictional piece of propaganda produced as a means to deliberately mislead the public and embarrass the president.

If these staged theatrics are not bad enough, Acosta and CNN then doubled down in their deliberate crusade to mislead. “I tried to ask the president if he would stop calling us the enemy of the people. He did not respond,” Acosta tweeted Friday.

Again, this is Acosta and the far-left CNN’s calculated attempt to deceive, to make it seem as though Trump was asked a direct question and refused to answer.

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