Clueless Warren Complaining About Shutdown Workers, What She Does About It Is Absolutely Ridiculous!

During the current government shutdown there are thousand of government employees that are currently going without pay.

In one little corner of America, Elizabeth Warren says she has about seven thousand people in the are that she represents that are currently going without pay because of this.

Now, you would think that if she wanted to build up some credibility with people that she might be asking to vote for her for President in a couple of years she would try to help all of those people.

Nope, she has put her moccasin in her mouth yet again and somehow managed to give some food for thought to people that in a couple of years are going to remember the things that she has said recently.

The best part about all of this is that she is giving us plenty of time to come up with things to use against her with what is going in terms of her words about the government shutdown and her deeds after that.

Via Conservative Tribune:

And when we don’t make the jokes, sometimes she’ll make them herself.

Take, for instance, the government shutdown. If you haven’t noticed it yet, well, join the club. However, 7,000 people who call the Commonwealth of Massachusetts home have temporarily lost their checks because Democrats refuse to take border security seriously.

So, what’s Elizabeth Warren doing? Looking at some sort of compromise that could end the shutdown and get them back to work?

Not entirely.

“Over 7,000 people in Massachusetts have been sent home or are working without pay during the #TrumpShutdown,” she wrote in a tweet Wednesday.

“Until @realDonaldTrump re-opens the government, I’m donating my salary to @HIASrefugees, a nonprofit that helps refugees and makes our country stronger in the process.”

Wait, so the people of her state don’t have money to pay their bills? If only there’s something she could do in order to help them out. Oh well, here’s a tweet about the salary she’s going to be donating to a refugee cause.

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