Dear God, Another One–Clinton Whistle Blower Found DEAD

A doctor selfless volunteered his services in Haiti, only for him to wind up dead at 54 after he exposed The Clinton Foundation wrongdoings at the island.

Dr. Dean Lorich, who was 54, was found dead in his New York apartment by his daughter. The poor 11 year old found him with a knife in his chest on the bathroom floor.

The brilliant surgeon’s knife was embedded in his chest, but missed the heart. He bled out in the bathroom.

The police were called to his property for an assult. When they arrived, they did not address the assault and instead declared the death a suicide and called the case closed.

The story does not end there though. This man got on the wrong side of Hilary Clinton.

It started in 2010 when Dr. Lorich became part of the squad sent by the United States to help out the relief effort in Haiti that was led by the Clinton Foundation. After the terrible earthquake, he, along with many others, were only too happy to help.

When he got there, he was shocked. Dr. Lorich was horrified by the disgusting acts of the Clinton Foundation. He ended up voicing his concerns to Hilary Clinton herself, hoping for a little clarity on the situation.

Unsurprisingly, she ended up brushing him off. So he went one step further. He decided to write an article that CNN ultimately published. He accused the Clinton Foundation of actually costing lives instead of saving them.

The Clinton Foundation had raised billions of dollars to help the the Haitians that were effected by the quake. The money did not make it to the ones in need though. Instead, the money was given to Clinton friends and also her associates.

This led to the children to die in awful ways, according to what Dr. Lorich said in his article:

“We expected many amputations. But we thought we could save limbs that were salvageable, particularly those of children. We recognized that in an underdeveloped country, a limb amputation may be a death sentence. It does not have to be so.“

This is disgusting.

Dr. Lorich does no stop there, he continues to talk about how once he got to the island, he saw how there was no help to the people at all, which was surprising considering the billions that were supposed to be channeled into helping

Dr. Lorich claims that only .6% actually went to the Haitians. The rest of the money, which totaled around $5.4 Billion was put into non Haitian organizations.


He reports:

“We found scores of patients with pus dripping out of open extremity fractures and crush injuries…Some wounds were already ridden with maggots…About a third of these victims were children.“

“The entire hospital smelled of infected, rotting limbs and death…Later on, we would judge our surgical progress by the diminished of the stench.”

“As we got up and running and organized the patients for surgery, we told our contacts in the United States [the Clintons] what we needed.“

“We left feeling as if we abandoned these patients, the country, and its people, and we feel terrible,” Dr. Lorich wrote.

So this man, who was really concerned about the Haitians, blows the whistle, and then ends up dead form a suicide?

Most suicides are gunshots to the head, or asphyxiation. People usually go with something a bit more instant, not a knife to the chest that would cause someone to bleed out.

This is not a coincidence. This sounds a little suspicious.


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