BRUTAL: Boxer Delivers THREE Straight Punches To His Opponent’s Groin (VIDEO)

Any guy can tell you, being struck in the groin is certainly no Sunday afternoon picnic.

Even if you are wearing some kind of protection down there, it’s still going to hurt.

For example, there was a random UFC card and I was watching a while back where the fight had to be stopped a couple of times because one of the other fighters kept unintentionally hitting below the belt.

The fighter that was struck was given five minutes to recover before the fight resumed because like I said, that stuff hurts.

It hurts enough when it happens on accident, when it is on purpose and the person is aiming for that area the pain is even more compounded.

There is nothing sweet or scientific about a boxer punching his opponent three times below the belt.

Unless, you’re referring to the science of reproductive complications arising from said below the belt punches.

Then, you might be onto something.

One such boxer who most assuredly needs to go visit a specialist sometime in the near future is Lolito Sonsona. On Saturday night, Sonsona endured a 3-punch combo from Azat Hovhannisyan, with all three of the devastating shots landing below the belt.


To add even more insult and injury, Sonsona then got knocked out.

Via Breitbart

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