British Prime Minister Gets Hit With Irony After Criticizing President Trump.

After British Prime Minister Theresa May criticized President Trump for his decision to retweet videos that show Muslims committing hateful acts in Europe, she finds herself at the center or an assassination plot by the same type of people depicted in the videos.

It can make one wonder when the world will wake up and understand that this is a real threat, not the discrimination they so badly want to call it as.

United States and United Kingdom have been allies for decades. While Theresa May faced some pressure to cancel the state visit President Trump had planned, she still wanted to move forward with the visit. Even claiming that United States-United Kingdom relations would endure.

Last week, May criticized President Trump for sharing these videos. Stating that he was “wrong” to share anti-Muslim videos that hateful far right group posted.

This caused somewhat of a clash between the two countries on a diplomatic stand point. The UK Parliament started to throw the usual words around the President. Including “racist” “fascist” and “evil” among others.

Donald Trump responded to Theresa May’s criticism of his Britain First retweets by tweeting back to her:

“Theresa@theresamay, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!”

The real question here is what would it take? Islamist violence has been running wild in both the United States and Europe, including the United Kingdom. The threat is clear but every attempt to act on it or protect ourselves is seen as “racist” or as “discrimination”.

We are letting ourselves getting invaded because we are too politically correct to defend ourselves.


Shortly after Theresa May called out our President, Sky News reported that the British Intelligence foiled a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister.

Sky News reports:

“It is in essence an extreme Islamist suicide plot against Downing Street,” Sky correspondent Martin Brunt said.

“Essentially police believe that the plan was to launch some sort of improvised explosive device at Downing Street and in the ensuing chaos attack and kill Theresa May, the Prime Minister.”

“It came to a head last week with the arrest of two men, by armed police, who were charged with preparing acts of terrorism.”

Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, from north London and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, from south-east Birmingham appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on terror charges on Wednesday morning.


It can make anyone wonder how she feels now. Also things like this are the reason why President Trump wants to secure our boarders. No one wants to do their day to day activities without the certainty of tomorrow. Protecting our lives and the lives of our loved ones is not racist. Its simply fighting for your right to live.

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