VIDEO: Anyone Else Remember That Time BILL CLINTON Forcibly Ripped An Immigrant Child From His Mother…

Bill Clinton is this person that we get every so often in American culture that simply will not go away.

He’s almost like a person that works at a store for a period of time, quits and then spends seemingly every free minute in that store.

The problem with Bill is that he suddenly seems like he wants to take on the role of being America’s moral compass and Old William isn’t exactly the most moral person walking around.

The American people may be tired of hearing from the Clintons, but it looks like Bill hasn’t gotten the memo.

Earlier this week, the 71-year-old former president added his hoarse voice to the immigration debate. His target, unsurprisingly, was Donald Trump.

“Taking these kids away from their parents makes no sense,” Clinton declared on Thursday, according to The Hill.

“It’s immoral. It’s not required by the law. And it’s not necessary to protect the border. It’s just wrong,” the 42nd president continued.

Yes, the man who cheated on his wife with a college-age intern in the Oval Office, and was then impeached and disbarred for lying about it under oath, is now the authority on morality. Lord have mercy.

“Children should not be bargaining chips,” continued the president whose administration oversaw the 1993 Waco siege that ended with around 30 dead kids.

Clinton is either playing dumb or totally unaware about how family separations at the border actually work.

He seems completely oblivious to the fact that the temporary housing of child migrants is happening only when the adults cannot be confirmed as their real parents, or when parents are suspected of felony counts after repeatedly crossing the border illegally.

Of course, the mainstream media has been less than honest about the entire controversy — and it seems they’ve also conveniently forgotten about Clinton’s very different tone on immigration during his time in office.

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