What This NFL Player Did AFTER His ARREST Will Make Your Blood Boil

It seems that there are people in the NFL that cannot get through a day without doing something disrespectful. A Seahawks player just got caught taunting a female police officer. Ever since Trump criticized the NFL athletes who continue to protest our beloved anthem, the league continues to draw negative media attention.

This year the NFL has hit the front page of the news in more negative media attention than ever in their entire history. The ratings have significantly dropped since athletes were protesting our National Anthem during games. And now ratings are at an all-time low!

Many fans across the nation have boycotted the league and ticket sales have drastically plummeted.

In the citizen’s eyes, the distracting and unruly behavior of NFL athletes protesting our flag and anthem has quickly lost America’s respect.

The NFL league was already labeled as “anti-police” to by many fans after former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick famously wore socks that depicted cops as pigs and when the Saints knelt in silence over a slain police officer it just got more extreme.

Seattle Seahawks rookie Malik McDowell was caught on tape verbally taunting a female officer while he was being arrested.

The video shows him in handcuffs while a female cop stood nearby.

He was being arrested for disorderly conduct and during the arrest, McDowell yells at the officer saying, “Are you scared of me?” then saying several times, “Why is you a cop then?”

Multiple words were exchanged back and forth between the cop and McDowell. He then calls her a “b***h” many times and even stats,  “I got money. That’s why I can talk sh*t.”

Malik McDowell then goes on to say that the officers will never make as much money as him.

He also screams at people who are passing by, yelling,  “Hey, they’re trying to plant some sh*t on me!” Not only that he goes on to state,  “Put me in f**king jail, please, so I can bond out.”

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