Army Vet, Former NBC Correspondent RIPS NBC A NEW ONE In Farewell Letter!

There are still reporters out there that try to play the game by the rules despite what they may think politically.

In a world of reporting that is filled with gotcha questions and people essentially cow-towing to whatever side they agree with politically there are some people that know what the process is supposed to be and just cannot stand to see it they way it is.

There is only so much that someone can take at a job before they finally decide that they have to part ways because they no longer agree with what an organization represents.

Or, the conditions at that job are so dreadful that they can no longer take the strain of having to walk into the building every single day and have to deal with the nonsense that they are dealing with.

There are work environments that for one reason or another are absolutely toxic. That being said there is nothing preventing anyone from speaking their mind about it once they are gone.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Conservatives have long maintained that the mainstream media are increasingly obsessed with President Donald Trump and detached from the world … not to mention reality.

Now, a longtime NBC News contributor is essentially saying the same thing — but he’s no conservative darling.

This week, former U.S. Army intelligence expert and journalist William Arkin announced that he’s parting ways with the often left-leaning network, and he held nothing back in his blunt criticisms of NBC and the mainstream media as a whole.

In a lengthy farewell memo to NBC that was obtained and published by news rival CNN, the military affairs expert accused networks of being distracted by “the Trump circus” and ignoring important happenings around the globe.

“I find myself completely out of synch with the network, being neither a day-to-day reporter nor interested in the Trump circus,” Arkin wrote.

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