ARIZONA’S Massive Border Invaded By Illegals A Sickening Number Of Times THIS WEEK ALONE!

Anyone that lives in the Midwest of the United States that doesn’t think that illegal immigration isn’t a problem should visit a border town or state one of these days.

If they went down there they might see some things that would absolutely change their mind.

The first thing would be the people flooding over the border at places that they would never expect.

I know some folks that live so close to the border that they could shoot an arrow into the air and it would land in Mexico that have people illegally crossing the border and going through their property at night.

These people are not getting there by themselves and somebody has to be getting them there. It takes months to plan a move of one family from one part of this country to the other, these illegals are not just getting up one day and deciding to illegally come to the United States.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up: The big question to ask about the large groups of Central Americans who are boldly crossing the border is who is organizing and transporting the groups? Why is Mexico sitting back just letting buses and trucks transport these people to our border?

According to the Border PatrolJanuary border stats show a sustained, high volume of families & unaccompanied children from Central America illegally crossing along the SW Border. Border Patrol agents encountered 58 large groups (100+ people) so far this FY compared to 13 in FY18.

The tactic used by smugglers is to cause a disturbance in one area of the border and draw law enforcement to that area. Then the illegals assemble and come across in groups of over 100 in another area.

This is highly organized smuggling with lookouts telling the smugglers which area is safe to cross over the border into the US.

According to the U.S. CPB, this has been done at least 6 times in the last 2 weeks. This is a slow but sure invasion of our country by people we know nothing about.

A group of 325 Central Americans were detected by U.S. Border Patrol agents after the group illegally entered the country and surrendered to agents west of Lukeville, Arizona. They said “buses and trucks” dropped them off at the border.

The group was discovered by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations helicopter, investigating a possible campfire spotted by a surveillance camera, said a CBP statement.

The large group entered the country illegally in an area where there is only a vehicle barrierdesigned to prevent crossings, the release said.

Arizona Daily Independent reports: The Central Americans told Border Patrol agents that “buses and trucks dropped them off throughout the night on Mexico’s Federal Highway 2 that parallels the U.S. border less than 50 yards from this area,” the release said. Once the entire group arrived, they crossed together at 8 a.m. to await authorities. The group consisted of individuals and family units from Central America and included nearly 150 juveniles, 32 of whom were unaccompanied.”

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