Former Clinton Crony Hatefully Stated Trump Not Leader Of Free World…..

Let’s see, you let so many refugees into your country that they begin to disrupt the average daily life of your citizens and you have terrorist attack after terrorist attack happening at the hands of those refugees. All the sexual assaults and plain physical assaults. You admit to the world that you screwed up with the refugee situation by letting so many in…Yep, sounds like the best person to lead a country to me…

James P. Rubin, a former assistant secretary of state in the Bill Clinton administration, penned a piece in Politico on Thursday dubbing German Chancellor Angela Merkel the “leader of the free world,” largely for her role in taking in Middle Eastern migrants.

vRubin was a member of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential campaign, serving as a campaign surrogate to the news media.  He also later served as an advisor to Clinton.vHis Politico piece, focused on Merkel, was titled, “The Leader of the Free World Meets Donald Trump.”

“Angela Merkel, whether she wants the job or not, is the West’s last, best hope,” was the subtitle. Rubin claimed that by taking in some one million “refugees,” Merkel assumed the mantle of “moral leadership.”

He wrote: Dershowitz on Trump’s Appointment of Stephen K Bannon, 11/15/16

The German chancellor is the only leader in Europe who even has a plausible claim to moral leadership. As a victim of Soviet communism, Merkel was always going to be listened to carefully on the question of morality. And given her longevity she was always going to be respected. But it was her unexpected decision to accept some 1 million refugees that established her moral credentials, especially since no other political leader has taken such a political risk.

He further claimed that the “mantle” of global leadership was “empty” until Merkel accepted the Middle East refugees:

The cruel irony of Trump’s election is that for many decades it was the United States that was seen as a moral leader. During the Cold War, Soviet dissidents looked to the United States. And after communism fell, it was the United States that led international actions to protect victims of repression or hardship. Whether it was the Kurds in northern Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, or the spending on medicine to treat millions suffering from HIV in Africa, the United States was the country expected to act.

Rubin did not mention that Merkel’s actions have been widely blamed for helping to fuel a larger European crisis as a result of the refugee intake.  He also glossed over the massive cost to the German economy – €21.7 billion last year and an expected €21.3 billion for 2017 – to help fix what the Express newspaper described as “Merkel’s failed migrant policy.”

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