The Secret Service Agent Who Wouldn’t Take A Bullet For Trump Has LEARNED HER FATE!

When I think of the Secret Service, I think of the brave men that shuttled President Reagan to the hospital after John Hinkley tried to kill him. I do not think of people like this woman we are about to talk about.

When you’re a Secret Service agent and it’s your job to take a bullet, if necessary for the President, it’s a small problem if you wouldn’t. Secret Service agent in charge in Denver created an uproar with anti-Trump posts that she made in October, that were made public about two months ago.

She said that she would rather “face jail time” than “take a bullet” for Trump. She also tweeted her support for Hillary Clinton, posting “I’m with her” and posting about “resisting” since the election. Now O’Grady appears to have finally faced some job consequences.

From The Blaze: According to the Washington Examiner, Kerry O’Grady, the agent in question, has been permanently removed from her senior position. She had been on administrative leave for the last two months while the Secret Service continues to conduct an investigation into her comments.

Sources within the Secret Service told the Examiner that just two weeks ago the agency posted a job listing for the Denver special agent in charge position on an internal job board.

But despite being removed from her position in charge, it doesn’t appear as though she’s been fired.

But according to the Examiner, despite being removed from her position, it still isn’t clear whether or not O’Grady will be terminated. Some Secret Service agents expressed concern that the agency’s top brass will “insulate” O’Grady and simply move her to another position in the Department of Homeland Security — which the Secret Service falls under — so that she can finish out her career and collect her government pension.

Not sure that resolves the problem, since if she doesn’t appear to have understood her basic role, not sure how well she will perform other tasks for the DHS.

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