This THUG Was Beating On A Helpless Police Officer, But Never Noticed JUSTICE Was Coming Up On His Tail!

I grew up in a small town that a full time police force of maybe a dozen people. That’s it. Barely enough for a football team to take the field. We got to know them fairly well because you saw them all the time due to how small my town was. Cops have gotten me out of so many jams it isn’t even funny…The war on cops continues to grow in the United States. Fortunately, one armed citizen stopped yet another thug from taking a blue life.

Last November, in the Florida city of Estero, Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes was caught on tape being pummeled by 53-year-old Edward Strother. While other people stood around and recorded the scene with their cellphones, Ashad Russell pulled out his handgun and shot Strother three times, eventually killing the assailant. (via The Daily Mail).

The details of this case are very strange. According to the police report, Deputy Bardes was assisting two other officers with a crash on I-75. At some point, Strother’s gray Toyota Camry approached the officers at a very high speed.

When Deputy Bardes initially tried to stop the vehicle, Strother pulled over and pointed a gun at Bardes before continuing south. Eventually, Bardes caught up with Strother at a nearby off-ramp. Strother got out of his car, jumped into the driver-side door of Bardes’ patrol car, and started beating the officer.

According to the police report that contained Russell’s statement, when he pulled over his truck in order to confront Strother, the assailant was on top of Bardes. Believing that his life was in danger, Bardes told Russell to “shoot” the suspect. After warning Strother several times, Russell fired. (via ABC News).

Lee County investigators have already stated that Russell, who had a permit to carry the weapon, will not face any charges. Bardes received minor injuries during the assault, and was back to work a few days later.

This is an excellent example of why a well-armed citizenry is the best protection against crime and terrorism. Russell should be widely congratulated for his brave actions, especially considering the widespread cowardice and cynicism of those individuals who either just drove by or sat there and filmed the confrontation.

Ever since the justified killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, a wave of anti-cop violence has erupted across the country. Heather MacDonald, the author of the brilliant book The War on Cops, calls this violence the “Ferguson effect.”

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