WHAT SAY YOU? Newt Wants HARD TIME For A Liberal Who ILLEGALLY Went After Trump!

You know what, if the liberals are so insistent that everyone play by the rules, MAYBE they should start playing by the damned rules. I mean come on! The arrogance of liberals is staggering. After eight years of Obama in the White House, they think they are above the law, but Newt has news for them.

Liberal pundit Rachel Maddow has been scorned by both the left and right for reporting on President Trump’s illegally leaked tax returns. Now, Newt Gingrich is calling for her arrest. “First of all, to release those taxes is a felony, and they should impanel a grand jury and find out who released it, and that person ought to go to jail,” he told Fox News.

MSNBC‘s prime-time host has been taken to task for over-hyping the leak, but that is the least of her worries. Now, Maddow may face a sentence of up to five years in jail, via Independent Journal Review. Gingrich explains that Washington D.C. is “filled with people who think they can break the law as long as they’re liberals, because it’s morally right to do anything you want to hurt Donald Trump. That’s wrong … They ought to be prosecuted as criminals, which they are.”

This is absolutely correct. Liberal journalists are now reporting on material that has been illegally leaked on a daily basis in order to discredit President Trump, and this latest fiasco by Maddow is a new low. While reporters have covered for reporting illegal leaks, the law is clear that you cannot reveal private tax information.

Rachel Maddow should be tried and sentenced to the maximum extent of the law as an example to journalists that this sort of behavior is not acceptable—you cannot break the law and get away with it just because you think you are right.

Worst of all, Maddow has risked everything over what is essentially a non-story. Despite all the hype and moral grandstanding of Democrats, all these taxes reveal is that President Trump pays his fair share in taxes.

In fact, Trump pays more in taxes than Barrack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and even MSNBC‘s parent company Comcast, which manages to pay an effective tax rate of 24 percent despite the fact that the average corporate tax rate is almost 40 percent.

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