SECRET SERVICE Agents CAUGHT Performing Unprofessional, Heinous Act Involving Trump’s GRANDCHILDREN!

Folks, this one gets my blood boiling like nothing else. I remember when I was in school and we had a classmate had a member of the extended family that was a Secret Service agent. He stopped by the class to answer questions because this wasn’t an opportunity that came along often for us.

Anyway, we asked a lot of basic questions and there was someone that asked if he ever took a picture with whoever the President was at the time. He told us quite honestly that he hadn’t because his job was to protect the man…not take pictures with him as if he were a Disney World attraction.

That being said, children are off limits guys. You know this, I know this and everyone else knows this. During the eight years of the Obama Nightmare, we didn’t hear stories of the blatant disrespect that everyone is showing towards President Trump’s family. If they did some of the stuff to Obama that they are doing to Trump they would have been tossed off the side of the world by now!

The Secret Service has had its issues recently. Last week, a man with mace managed to hop the fence and get onto the ground before being arrested. Then, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino criticized the coverage, saying that the protection didn’t appear to be adequate for President Donald Trump.

Not sure what was going on with this next story, but it comes under the heading, “What were they thinking?”

From Daily Mail: Two Secret Service officers are being investigated for allegedly taking a picture with Donald Trump’s grandson while he was sleeping. The alleged incident took place last weekend while the agents were driving eight-year-old Donald Trump III from the family estate in Westchester, New York, back into Manhattan, Mother Jones reports.

Trump III, Donald Jr and Vanessa Trump’s son, woke up as the agents were snapping selfies and was ‘freaked out’. Not surprising.

If a little boy wakes up and sees these guys taking pictures of him, he’s likely to be a bit startled. He told his mother, who told his father, who complained. The Secret Service said they would be reviewing the matter in order to ensure that proper procedures were followed, but asked people not to jump to any conclusions.

The Secret Service made it clear that they in general had a good relationship with the first family and President Donald Trump and that this was an isolated incident. When you have a protectee, especially a child, you have a responsibility to do your job.

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