He Asked His Echo About The Government. The Echo’s Answer Was Absolutely Terrifying!

In the past couple of weeks we have learned about the ability that the government has, in great detail, to be able to listen in on you in more ways that you ever could have possibly imagined.

For example, some of you with those smart televisions could have had the government giving a listen to a conversation between you and your significant other while you were packing for a vacation just to give an example.

Ever since the book 1984 was released, portions of the public were made aware of an all pervading sense of dread that somehow some way their government was listening to them. There’s multiple levels to this fear.

Traffic light cameras, or just increased cameras on street corners offers police a vantage point they didn’t have before, but again the general public is under constant watch of a government who presumably only watches over them to keep them safe.

We have been conditioned to accept phones with microphones that always stay on, laptops with cameras and microphones, digital cable, and smart TVs. Now we have devices like Amazon Echo that are constantly listening for us to ask them questions. Is there anything deeper past this? Could the Amazon Echo be collecting data for intelligence agencies like the CIA? Watch this video and draw your own conclusion.

There are a couple of set up questions, asking Alexa, if ‘she’ would ever lie to you. Of course the answer is an honest ‘No.’

There are some videos out there where Alexa is asked if she works with the CIA, and this question prompts a shutdown. In this video, Alexa answers with a ‘No.’

Then when asked if Amazon works with the CIA, this question did result in a shutdown.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Amazon is renowned for its Cloud hosting services. For those that may not know, Cloud hosting is simply a term for storing information offsite, digitally. In short it makes for storing information very reliable, and very quickly accessed.

Amazon holds a $600 million dollar contract with the CIA, and all 16 other intelligence agencies for all of their cloud hosting. This is helping all agencies share information, so breakdowns don’t happen that would potentially allow another 9/11 level event take place.

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