YES! GEORGE SOROS Has Just Been Hit With A HUUGE Lawsuit!

George Soros is a no good rotten piece of garbage. Thankfully, I am not the only person in the world that sees him for what he is. Eventually, he will have to pay for the damage he has caused to this country…Being an anti-American socialist led to one of the richest men in the world getting sued! Our local heroes are fighting back against George Soros’s treachery!

The president of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, Demetrick Pennie, filed an amended federal objection against George Soros and close to one dozen people and institutions in a class action lawsuit. The case was launched for the benefit of all law enforcement “of all races and ethnicities including but not limited to Jews, Christians, and Caucasians” over the “inciting” of violent race riots, via Breitbart.

The Dallas Police Department officer wants an injunction to be placed against all future threats of racially-motivated violence and financial damages for the horrific actions already sparked by Soros and his like-minded cohorts.

George Soros is not the only prominent race-baiter noted in the lawsuit filing. The Dallas police organization is also suing Black Lives Matter leaders, the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, Malik Zulu Shabaz, the New Black Panthers, Reverend Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton!

Soros was singled out as the “financier” of the Black Lives Matter movement in the lawsuit. The filing goes on to state the billionaire also financially supports other radical groups who share a common goal — starting a “race war” in America.

According to the lawsuit, Soros and the others named in the filing were eager to disparage and allow harm to come to both Jewish and white Americans. Obama and Clinton were singled out in the filing for encouraging the behaviors and actions of Black Lives Matter, which helped bring about the carnage in Dallas.


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