What Liberal Snowflakes Did To One Of Trump’s Golf Courses Is Absolutely INEXCUSABLE!

One of the most fun jobs that I had earlier in life was that for one summer I was an assistant groundskeeper at a local golf course. The course itself was nothing special, just a little nine hole course in the middle of nowhere; but I loved that damn thing.

Just the idea that I got to see all that greenery every day made me smile. Believe it or not, it was actually fun to ride a mower around that patch of land. Liberals don’t understand simply beauty like that, and only take pleasure in ripping things to the ground.

At what point will liberal agitators finally understand that Trump is president and there’s nothing they can do about it? Also, they clearly aren’t paying attention because Trump hasn’t done a single unreasonable thing since taking office.

The latest example of liberal tolerance comes from California.

Looks like liberal nut jobs vandalized one of Trump’s golf courses.

From Washington Examiner: Environmentalists vandalized one of President Trump’s golf courses over the weekend by carving a giant message into one of the greens.

Vandals wrote, “no more tigers, no more woods” in giant letters on the fifth green of the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

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