They Asked Some College Libs About Secretary DeVos And Boy Were They Covered In A Bucket Of Embarrassment

Liberals are the type of people that I have said time and time again, will make fun of a person for not knowing things that they themselves just found out yesterday. You can get them to believe just about anything.

Hell, the whole daylight savings time thing, I bet you could get them to actually believe that the reason for the whole setting the clocks back and forward is that Al Gore suggested it in the 1990s due to a study he published on global warming where he is trying to rock the Earth back into proper rhythm. I would almost bet money you could get at least five liberals you found today to believe that.

Betsy DeVos is going to do a good job as education secretary. There is really no reason why she wouldn’t.

That hasn’t stopped liberals from going off the deep end trying to smear her as being unintelligent and out of touch.

However, most liberals obviously have no idea about the policies DeVos wants to implement. That was proven by a hilarious new video that asked DeVos haters what they thought about her policies without telling them that they were her policies.

The result was priceless.

Check it out…

College students are the absolute worst.

It’s hard to believe how anyone can be that uninformed about politics.

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