CNN Once Again CUT THE FEED After Someone Went Off Of Their Script!

I know that in broadcasting where you are essentially going live, there is something known unofficially as a dump button. The dump button is for if anyone says anything that could be in violation of company policy, an FCC violation if its an over the air broadcast and so on…

All a person has to do is hit the button and it deletes the last seven seconds from what the people at home end up seeing. Now, with cable this doesn’t happen as often, unless you are a person that’s on CNN that ends up running afoul of the liberals that run the station…

The number of times that conservative interviewees have had their live feeds cut in recent weeks is NOT a coincidence. And, surprise, the feeds always seem to be cut at the very moment the conservative guest is making a strong point against the liberal agenda or in support of President Trump.

They were at it again when anchor Dana Bash was speaking to Rep. Scott Taylor about refugees and illegal immigration.

Tayler was pointing out that the FBI just confirmed that an overwhelming 30 percent of its investigations into domestic terrorism involve Muslim refugees, even though they make up such a minuscule portion of the population.

And, what do you know, CNN suddenly lost the live feed.

Bash tried to brush it off as an attack by “TV gremlins,” which would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

A network that is supposed to be among the most respected media outlets in our country and they resort to fairytales to explain away their constant cutting of live feeds.

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