The Way Mexico Paid Tribute To Victims Of Fireworks Accident Is Completely Bass Ackwards!

There are some things that when you read them they just don’t make any damn sense at all. To tell you the truth people, when I first saw this when doing my research on the fireworks accident I had to blink a couple of times at the screen. I don’t know about you, but this is some real salt in the wound type stuff….

A few days before Christmas, something caused a firework to go off at the San Pablito pyrotechnics market on the northern outskirts of Mexico City. Within seconds, the blast had unleashed a powerful chain reaction which tore through the market in a cascade of explosions and sent a towering plume of smoke over the town of Tultepec.

By the time the smoke had cleared, dozens had been killed, scores more were injured, and the market was reduced to a scorched ruin, The Guardian reports. Two and a half months later, Tultepec is again echoing with explosions, but this time for the country’s National Pyrotechnics Fair, which culminates this weekend in a display of “musical pyrotechnics” and mass release of sky lanterns.

Officials describe it as both a tribute to the 42 victims of the disaster – and a way of keeping the local economy afloat.

“The people there that lost family members, they don’t know any other work than making and selling fireworks,” said Juventino Luna, director of the artisan and pyrotechnic promotion department in the Tultepec municipal government.

“They’re going to be paid homage to with fireworks because this is what we do in Tultepec.”

The San Pablito fireworks market – which once boasted it was the “safest” in Latin America – has exploded on three occasions over the past 12 years. It remains closed, but fireworks remain essential to the local economy: an estimated 30,000 people in Tultepec work in the fireworks business, according to the local government.

Authorities plan to rebuild the San Pablito market after an investigation is completed, Luna said.

“Security measures will be improved,” he said. “It’s like a car that years ago didn’t even have seatbelts, but because of accidents, it now has airbags. Everything has to continue evolving.”

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