What One Brave Vet Pulled Out Of This Snakes Body Is Absolutely Mind Blowing!

I think I looked like this snake one time when I was younger. I was in the middle of a hamburger eating contest when I realized that maybe #15 wasn’t my lucky number.

If you’re like me, you’ve thought you could eat something. You tried. But then you realized that your eyes were bigger than your stomach. Perhaps, it happened on Thanksgiving Day. Or maybe when grandma bakes the perfect Christmas ham.

For this five foot long carpet python, it happened when the reptile saw a round, juicy tennis ball – and tried to devour the whole thing.

When the animal, which was struggling to get it out of its body, was found, it was brought to the vets. There, the veterinarians believed that the animal swallowed the tennis ball just 24 hours after it was spotted in a backyard in Townsville, Australia.

When the snake got into the veterinary nurse’s hands, she was able to massage the tennis ball out of the snake’s throat.

Trish Prendergast was the reason this snake was saved. As a vet nurse and a snake handler, she is not afraid to work with these long reptiles. And as you’ll see in the clip below, she was able to slowly massage the tennis ball out of the snake’s throat and out onto the table.

Prendergast admits that the snake would have starved to death if the tennis ball remained lodged in its throat.

“[The ball] may have broken down over … 12-18 months,” she said, “But in the meantime, the snake would not have been able to eat any items.”

In the 30-second video, which has been viewed almost 3 million times, you’ll watched the experienced animal rescue worker pushing at the back of the tennis ball to help push it through the animal’s throat and back out of its mouth.

“Ta Da!” she says after the reddish tennis ball plops to the table. The snake must be relieved that the bouncy ball is no longer stuck in its digestive tract.

The veterinary center described how they got hold of the wild snake: “This is a wild snake brought to us to assist as it had this unusual lump. Coastal carpet pythons are a natural part of the Townsville area.”

Viewers like you are shocked and in wonder of the footage below! Some suspected that the snake ate the tennis ball because it mistook if for an egg. The vets said that was unlikely.

“More likely it smelt like something it eats normally such as a rat! These pythons rarely (if ever) eat eggs!”

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