Crazy Hillary Is Now Telling Women That Trump Will Take Away Their Rights!

Almost like the Cryptkeeper rising from the tomb to scare us once again, we have Hillary Clinton to spread fear and lies among the populous. Democrats accuse the Republicans of fear-mongering but nobody sows the seeds of irrational fear like the liberals.

Hillary Clinton took time off from wandering the woods of upstate New York long enough to make a video warning women that President Trump will take their rights away.

I guess since democrats have so little regard for the Constitution they naturally assume that the document that protects all of our rights doesn’t really apply. Either that or they are just completely full of shit and like to whip people into a hysterical frenzy.

Hillary made this video for the MAKERS conference, which seems like it is an acronym but isn’t. It’s a women’s gathering of some sort in which they “empower” each other in some other sort of way. I honestly have no idea what this is and I even read the propaganda on their website.

In any case, the biggest female loser in recent history was asked to make a statement to rally the troops and Hillary delivered this:

“Now more than ever we need to stay focused on the theme of this year’s conference: be bold. We need strong women to step up and speak out. We need you to dare greatly and lead boldy,” said Hillary.

It’s already a veiled reference to President Trump with the line about needing this boldness “now more than ever,” but it gets worse:

“So please, set an example for every woman and girl out there who is worried about what the future holds and wonders whether our rights, opportunities, and values will endure,” Hillary continued.

It is presented in a very Cintonesque way, but Hillary just said that women should be worried that Trump is going to rob them of their rights and opportunities. How? She doesn’t explain. She is trying to scare women into thinking there is a very real possibility that President Trump will take away their right to vote and work, which is ridiculous. As I said earlier, there is this thing called the Constitution that protects everyone’s rights and no president can mess with that. Sure, Obama tried, but the highest law of the land wins out every time.

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