If The NFL Lets Lady Gaga Go Through With SUPER BOWL Halftime Plans, They Are GUARANTEED To Lose 75% Of Their Audience!

Football used to be fun, and it used to be a way for people to express their patriotism. I remember in 1991 around the time of the Persian Gulf War that was absolutely beautiful.

But now, what in the hell are we left with. Just look at the recent scandal where teams were CHARGING the military for those pre game tributes.

If the NFL could get any worse, then this is definitely it. Over the years, the No Fun League has eliminated hilarious touchdown dances, thrown botched flags at important moments, accepted anti-American athletes like Colin Kaepernick, thought it was OK for cop-hating Beyonce, and now this.

The NFL is about to let Lady GaGa perform during the Super Bowl halftime show and she plans to HUMILIATE President Trump.

Prepare to lose more ratings.

The NFL has already lost a lot of fans after allowing their overpaid players disrespect our flag, law enforcement, and show support for the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization. Now, they’re making it worse with what they’re allowing hateful Lady Gaga do during her depraved Super Bowl halftime show that’s a huge flip of the middle finger to our new president.

Although Lady Gaga was praised for her patriotic performance at the last Super Bowl, that’s not what we can expect this year. Apparently, her love for the country was just for show since now she’s using the most watched event of the year to say “F You” to Trump, right after he’s officially sworn in as our leader.

Reports first came out that the NFL asked the singer to keep politics out of her performance but the organization has just come out flatly denying they told her she couldn’t slam Trump, adding that they were made aware of her plans and approved it.

Listen up, meatdress, you’re not there to talk about ANYTHING. You’re there to perform a song or two, entertain people, cash your check, and go home. Leave politics out of the Super Bowl. There’s no reason Lady GaGa needs to make a bad romance with the little monsters of the NFL.

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