Awful Couric Tried Getting LEGEND Betty White To Slam Trump…..BIG MISTAKE!

There is a unique wisdom that comes naturally almost to people that have lived well into their nineties. My grandmother on my father’s side lived to be ninety seven years old and she was like a walking encyclopedia.

Betty White is a national treasure who we’re blessed to still have with us after the killing fields of 2016.

So to celebrate her 95th birthday, Katie Couric asked her about Donald Trump. Because, really, if you’re famous it’s important you take a shot at the President-elect . Also, Katie Couric is terrible.

Not just regular terrible. Terrible as in you sit down to watch your favorite show. But you sit in once eaten cat food.

Wearing your best pants. While simultaneously discovering your WiFi is out. That kind of terrible.

Ms. White, showing the wisdom of a 95-year-old who has lived through some things, didn’t bash El Trumpo like Couric was hoping expecting. Instead, this rational nugget of wisdom fell from Betty’s lovely lips…

“I think that’s the time to buckle down and really work positively as much as you can instead of just saying, ‘This is terrible. He’s terrible.’ Just think, ‘All right, there’s nothing I can do about that right now but I can do the best in my little circle. So if I do that, maybe you’ll do your best and we’ll get through this.”

Do we think this 95-year-old Hollywood actress supports Trump? Or has supported any Republican since the 60s? Of course not. But just because you oppose the President-elect doesn’t mean you have to act two tacos short of a combination platter….

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