Remember Clock Boy? Well, Him And His Daddy Just Got Some Really Bad News!

It must be a pain in the butt for a judge to have to sit through a frivolous lawsuit, but yet it happens all the time. I’ll go back to the mythical example of a burglar suing the owner of the home he broke into for injury compensation after he broke his ankle running away…

It’s hard to be famous for being a “victim” in an Arab Gulf state who settles their disputes in a Sharia Court of Law. Someone should have told “Clock Boy” that being a victim in a country where victims are plentiful isn’t really that special. Unlike America, being accused of bringing a fake bomb to school in Qatar isn’t likely a guarantee you’ll land a visit with their King.

Within days of demanding a total of $15 million from the City of Irving and the Irving Independent School District, “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed announced in a long distance phone interview from Qatar, he is homesick and wants to come home to Texas now.

It wasn’t long before the Clock Boy and his father returned to Texas and were filing a defamation lawsuit. Well today they got some bad news…

A year earlier, Ahmed, then a 14-year-old freshman at an Irving, Texas, high school, was arrested, briefly detained by police, and suspended for three days after bringing to school a “cool clock” that looked like a briefcase bomb. Ahmed claimed to have “invented” the easily assembled clock, and that he had brought it to school to show it to his shop teacher.

Here’s a clip from Hanson’s interview with Glenn Beck:

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