Levin: If Our Government Is So Wonderful At Health Care PLEASE EXPLAIN The VA!

I am a veteran of the United States military and I can tell you without a doubt from firsthand experience that the Veteran’s Administration is about as broken a system as one can possibly be. From the appointment foulups where people die waiting for basic medical care to my own personal experiences; its a damned mess.

On his CRTV program Thursday evening, conservative badass Mark Levin humiliated Democrat Senator Charles Schumer for his undying support of Obamacare, playing a video from 2010 in which Schumer predicted that Americans would love the scheme once it was fully implemented and a 2014 video where Schumer admits it was a mistake for Democrats to ram it through with no Republican support when they did.

“His position in 2017 is kind of back to the 2010 position isn’t it?…which is the people like this, don’t disturb it. You break it you own it, ‘making America sick again.’ So what does all this mean? Levin, known as “The Great One,” asked rhetorically.

Levin told his audience that no matter how bad Obamacare is, how big of a failure it is, progressive leftist Democrats will never admit it. They will defend it to the end regardless of its destruction:

“This means the left, the progressives — I call them statists — are never going to take a back step. It doesn’t matter [to them] that Obamacare doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter that they stole the funds out of the Medicare trust funds or the Social Security trust funds to bankrupt those programs.

It doesn’t matter.

They’re going to defend their practices. They’re going to defend their programs. They’re never, never going to support reform. They’ll support expansion of these programs. They’ll support centralization of government. But they’re never going to take a step back whether it’s Obamacare or anything else.”


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