Denzel Washington Stepped Up And Ripped The Meryls Of The World So Hard They’ll Need A Stuntman To Use The Bathroom!

There are people in Hollywood that definitely do not see the forest for the trees when it comes to what they do for a living. When you look at acting, what is it really?

As with most things, you can get an accurate description of something if you filter it through the eyes of a six year old. I asked my six year old son to tell me what acting was. He told me that it was when grownups play pretend. Acting at the end of the day isn’t some great service to the world…it is grown people getting paid to do something my six year old will do with his friends for free. How the heck is it my six year old gets that? Well, it’s because most people in Hollywood are tragically unbalanced.

How about a little balance? Not all Hollywood people are self-centered. Case in point – Denzel Washington.

From Daily Wire: During a roundtable interview for The Hollywood Reporter, actor Denzel Washington was asked about his worst jobs. He replied:“I was a garbage man…you get eight hours of work, but you can do it in three. So you can go home as soon as you finish. Post office, you get three hours of work, and you make it last eight. I did both. I liked being a garbage man better.”

Then Washington made a salient point about the film and television industry: “They weren’t bad jobs. Just like people say: ‘Oh, the difficulty of making a movie.’ I’m like, listen, send your son to Iraq–that’s difficult. It’s just a movie. It’s like, relax. I don’t play that precious nonsense. It’s like, oh, a movie. Get outta here. Your son got shot in the face? That’s difficult. Making a movie is a luxury; it’s a gift. It’s an opportunity, and most importantly, it’s a gift. Obviously, everybody here is talented enough to do that, but don’t get it twisted. It’s just a movie. It ain’t that big a deal.”

Now, there’s a man with sense.

Yes, there are difficulties involved with being an actor and making movies. It is a challenging career with very few ever making it to the success level of Meryl Streep, Whoopi Goldberg and Denzel Washington.

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