VIDEO: This 9yr Old Girl Was BULLIED By Her Teacher For Going Hunting With Her Family…

I grew up in a hunting community. Not everyone in my town hunted, but everyone that didn’t certainly got the reason why those that did hunt did it. The town I grew up in was so entrenched in the spirit of hunting that we actually had the first two days of hunting season off of school.

When liberals get on parade, even the most mundane things can somehow become demonized. Typical American pursuits are suddenly extremely evil, even though they have been done in our country for centuries.

One case in point would be when a nine-year-old girl who proudly displayed a photograph of a buck she bagged on a hunting trip on a T-shirt when she was back in school. Her liberal teacher condemned her for it, saying, “Killing animals is not what we do.” Domonique Yatsko was the student in question, and she goes to Hinkley Elementary School in Hinkley Township, Ohio. After the teacher made her snarky comment, the young girl was harassed and bullied by the other classmates.

Of course, turnabout is fair play. This teacher may have decided that shaming a student in front of the class was the right thing to do for a PERFECTLY LEGAL activity, but it is just another example of liberal overreach.

Now, it seems however that this teacher is getting exactly what she deserved. She herself has been outed as Hanna Copa.

Apparently, it is perfectly okay for liberals such as Miss Copa to degrade her students if it fulfills her ultimate purpose of furthering her liberal ideology. One has to wonder if Copa has even eaten a hamburger in her life or not. Of course, she is probably a vegan.

Maybe young Domonique didn’t score any brownie points with her teacher for this, but I for one am pretty of her and her family. I see absolutely nothing wrong with hunting as an activity, especially considering that her practice with firearms will lead her to being able to protect herself in the future.

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