Sit Down Folks….Sharpton Says 97 BILLION People Affected By A “Racist” Comcast Move

There’s plenty of cable companies out there, with one of the biggest being Comcast. Now, I know that Comcast has a ton of subscribers; I never thought they had 97 billion of them.

I think I finally figured out why Al Sharpton has so much trouble paying his taxes. It turns out he’s really bad at math. In a stunning statement the veteran race hustler has said that there are at least 97 billion people living in the United States who are affected by Comcast’s “racist” decision to stop carrying a black religious channel. If you don’t understand how absurd that is, you probably mucked up your taxes too.

TV provider Comcast has chosen to drop The World Network from it’s channel line up. If you have no idea what The World Network is, you are apparently in the minority. According to Sharpton, millions and billions of Americans rely on this channel for their daily black religious enlightenment.

In an angry letter to Comcast VP David L. Cohen, Sharpton accuses the company of racial motivations behind the dropping of The World Network. In making his case that this obscure unwatched channel is essential to the country, Sharpton gives some overstated estimates on its popularity.

This action would disrupt The Word Network’s carriage for roughly 7 million subscribers, many of whom rely on programming carried by The Word Network for their daily religious and spiritual edification.  Ms. Gaiski’s two-sentenced letter gave no explanation for this surprising move and has caused deep concern within the African American community.

Okay, so at first Sharpton says most of Comcast’s 7 million subscribers (they actually have 22 million) desperately need black religious programming, but that number soon explodes:

As you know, The Word Network is the largest African-American religious network in the world.  It is available in over 200 countries, reaching billions of viewers in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.  It reaches nearly 97 billion homes in the United States alone.  Ms. Gaiski’s decision would remove The World Network from key African-American markets, including Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore, as well as from other major urban areas, including Houston, San Francisco, Denver, Boston and Minneapolis-St. Paul….


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