This Entitled Brat Told A Judge To “F” Himself….Boy Was That A Big Mistake!

This may just be me, but there are certain occasions where you probably shouldn’t cuss like a sailor. Standing before a judge is probably one of those times.

Shoot, I remember years ago when I served on a jury one of the things on my mind was, “don’t say anything stupid to the judge.” That’s when all I had to worry about was the judge asking me one time if i’d ever been the victim of a crime.

In Obama’s America, young people seem to have lost all respect for authority figures, as they believe they can mouth off to whoever they like. In this video, however, one girl learns the hard way that mouthing off to a judge in court is never a good idea.

Penelope Soto was 18 years-old when she was summoned before a Florida judge on a drug possession charge. When the judge asked Soto if she’d consumed any drugs in the past 24 hours, the teenager laughed in response, making it clear that she wasn’t taking the proceedings seriously.

When the judge sentenced Soto’s bail at $5,000, she responded by nonchalantly saying “adios.” However, she immediately stopped laughing when the judge increased her bail to $10,000.

“Are you serious?” a shocked Soto asked.

“I am serious,” the judge fired back. “Adios.”

Soto responded by flipping the judge off and shouting an expletive at him.

“Did you say, ‘f*ck me?’” the judge asked. He then found Soto in contempt of court and sentenced her to 30 days in jail.


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