Whoopi Compared Christmas To Abortions And People Let Her Have It!

I cannot fathom what kind of dark thoughts that a person thinks to really have a belief system that causes them to actually think that saying things like what Whoopi Goldberg said about Christmas.

How is ‘The View’ still on television? I mean seriously, the political discourse on that show has become completely unhinged. That’s assuming you even care about what these hosts think about politics in the first place. I bet a lot of you don’t. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar have said some really insane things that we have documented plenty of times here but this latest gaffe takes the cake.

Whoopi Goldberg apparently thinks that the right to celebrate Christmas and the “right” to an abortion are one in the same. Here’s what Whoopi said…

From The Daily Caller: “Let me just say one thing here because I’m a very big Christmas fan,” Behar said. “I love Christmas so much. And I still say separation of Church and State must be adhered to. In a public school…”

Jedediah Bila told Behar she had it all wrong. “That’s not what that means though,” Bila said. “Separation of Church and State means preventing the establishment of a national religion, not preventing people from expressing their beliefs.”

Goldberg then compared it to getting an abortion.

“But it’s the same conversation with a woman’s right to choose,” Goldberg said. “What I do with my body is my right. It is not your right to tell me. The same thing is it’s — if you believe in Christmas, it’s not my right.”

I’m sorry, what?

Here’s the video.

Where do you even begin with nonsense like this?

Whoopi clearly doesn’t understand the abortion debate or the Christmas debate.

But there she is, spouting off anyways…

As you can imagine, Twitter didn’t react very well to this…

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