Michael Moore Got SHUT DOWN In Amazing Fashion By A Detroit Autoworker!

If there is one thing that Detroit autoworkers know, it is they know who is on their side. Let’s face it, the past few years haven’t exactly been too kind to them, and they are a lot more informed than most democratic lawmakers given them credit for.

Now, as far as Michael Moore goes; he is either the most misinformed person on the planet or the biggest blabbermouth spreader of liberal nonsense on the planet. My ultimate vote would be a little of both.

Michael Moore, Michael Moore…the name alone creates a domino affect of cringes. The man is obnoxious. Unreal, over the top obnoxious. He’s been pulling out all the stops to keep Trump from any sort of victory in this election since day one. He has gone as far as to even protest right outside Trump Tower….by himself.

When a millionaire left extremist who is completely out of touch with the reality of your everyday hard working American…tries to tell that everyday hard working American how to think, that’s just asking for a knuckle sandwich.

In this case, getting physical wasn’t going to be possible, so instead… our hardworking real American just served up some good ‘ol fashioned truth to Mr. Michael Moore the jackass.

You’ll want to see this…it’s worth the watch.

How about that. The look on Moore’s face when that man told him Trump’s a hero? You could almost hear the ‘trigger’ happen inside of him.

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