This Thug Tried To Kill A Cop With His Car….Then The Karma Train Rolled In!

One of the things I always heard when I was growing up is that when you do good things, good things happen to you. You do bad things, and well….you end up like this guy. A cop in Texas making a routine traffic stop soon found himself being dragged by the vehicle. The officer pulled his gun and defended himself, killing the driver. The driver’s family is outraged that the officer was not charged.

 Deputy Constable R Felix pulled over 22-year-old Ashtian Barnes because he witnessed him making a toll booth violation. The rental car had other outstanding traffic violations as well. When he approached the vehicle, Felix smelled marijuana. Barnes didn’t have a license or proof of insurance, and he reached around for something in the car. Felix called for back-up and asked Barnes to get out of the vehicle.

 Barnes ignored the orders, turned on the car and attempted to speed away. The officer’s dashboard camera filmed the entire encounter in both video and audio. The disturbing footage shows the driver’s door opening and then the car begins to take off. Felix said later he worried that because he was standing in the open car door and so close to the retaining wall that he might get crushed or run over, so he hung onto the car. The video shows he shouted warnings before pulling his gun and shooting. Felix claimed that what could not be seen by the film angle is that Barnes was reaching for the deputy’s gun.

Barnes was killed in the shooting. Police found in his car cash, an ‘old-style barber razor,’ and a bandanna.

A Grand Jury, after watching the video and reviewing the results of the investigation, chose not to indict Felix for unlawful killing.

Barnes’ family is devastated and believes the officer killed their loved one wrongfully.

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