Thugs Tried To Rob A 91 Year Old Man…..They QUICKLY Learned This Was A Bad Idea

There are a lot of misconceptions about old folks and one of them is that they cannot defend themselves. They may not be able to knock you out with one punch, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t take care of business when the time comes…Some people like to believe that the elderly are easy targets—that they’re slow, weak, and easy to steal from. This thug, however, picked the wrong man to mess with.

An old man in his 90s was going into a Rite Aid in Eastpointe Detroit when a thug approached him. The old man warned that he had a concealed firearm, but the man was not deterred, so the senior citizen shot the man in the neck, as per Freedom Daily.

The suspect started to flee, but police were able to apprehend him and take him into custody to get medical attention. This is why you shouldn’t just attack anyone off the street, regardless of what age they appear to be. This elderly man may have been up there in years, but he was locked and loaded for anyone who had ill intentions for him. This man feared for his safety and was able to use his licensed firearm to defend himself.

This is why gun control laws do not ever need to see the light of day because they put everyday, law abiding citizens in danger. Without his gun, this old man could have been robbed or killed because he was defenseless. Try telling liberals that—they would rather write guns off as evil than admit that they protect people as well as harm. Guns are not the problem—people are the problem.

Banning guns does not mean the violence will go away. It will only increase. Why? Because Americans will be in their homes or out and about almost defenseless against gun wielding criminals who are still very much able to get their weapons through black markets.

Liberals want the American people to put their faith in the response times of police officers and other first responders, whom liberals are also against, to save us from criminals who have nothing standing in their way.

Numerous crimes are prevented because criminals do not know who has and doesn’t have a concealed weapon. It increases their chances of failure and makes the outcome of their crimes unpredictable. Take that away, and you give them a free and clear.

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