Melania Trump May Be SUING After Blatant Attack On Her Ten Year Old Son!

I’ve been mad at people before, but I have never been insult their children. The most I think I have ever said in that regard is that someone should raise their children better, but never went after the kids themselves. It’s an unfair shot because the kids have no way of defending themselves. Rosie O’Donnell has had the nerve to say that Donald Trump has bullied to her. First of all Rosie, being a comedian at one point or another in you should have thicker skin….

Second of all, you weren’t exactly mommy of the year yourself. So where the hell does she get of going after someone’s kids. The adult children, I could almost understand but going after a ten year old boy because he looked tired at the (shock, pause) times a ten year old boy would be tired and saying he is sick with something he isn’t is absolutely vulgar.

What galls me the most about this whole deal is that Barron Trump is a ten year old boy with the same ten year old problems that my kids have. Now, compound that fact with the multiplier of some braying jackass went online and said something about him to the entire world! How the hell do you think, Rosie, that this is going to affect him when he goes to school? Rich kids or not, this stuff will trickle down to his classmates and he will no doubt end up getting asked about it at some point.

To make a TEN YEAR OLD BOY have to defend himself from the attacks of a hack comedian at best, a bad talk show host at best, and a mother of questionable parenting skills is more vile and vulgar than anything you ever accused Donald Trump of.

Melania Trump has hired a famous lawyer who is now threatening a lawsuit over a video suggesting her 10-year-old son, Barron, is autistic, and the letter calls out Rosie O’Donnell as a bully. According to the letter, obtained by TMZ, the YouTube video falsely insinuates Barron is autistic. The letter, and our sources familiar with the situation, say Barron absolutely is not autistic.

Rosie tweeted out the video last week, with a caption, “Barron Trump Autistic?” The letter says, “The video allegedly seeks to ‘stop the bullying’ of Barron Trump. Not true … The video did instigate further bullying by Rosie O’Donnell and others.”

The video lists a number of signs it claims points to autism, including Barron clapping without slapping his hands together. Melania’s attorney, Charles J. Harder, says Barron did this once — at the end of a long day at the RNC — but the “vast majority of the time, he claps normally.”

The video shows Barron yawning and grimacing during his father’s victory speech at the RNC and on election night. Melania’s team says both events were late at night, and Barron was exhibiting normal behavior for a 10-year-old.

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