What Geraldo Just Said About Fidel Castro Is The Most Insane Thing Anyone Could Say About Him

Let’s call things right down the middle for a moment here people; Fidel Castro’s death is a good thing. There, I said it. I’m sure his family and whatnot are mourning his death. However, anyone with a sense of history or any Cuban that has been alive since the late 1950’s should be dancing a happy dance and crying happy tears right now.

The man was a ruthless dictator that jailed and killed people by the thousands. That’s not the kind of person I was taught to admire and look up to. That’s not the butt I am going to kiss. Geraldo Rivera, on the other hand was on his hands and knees ready to pucker up before Fidel ever turned cold.

To Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera, poor Cubans were better off under despotic ruler Fidel Castro. For real. But wait…..There’s more! Rivera also believes capitalism might tarnish Castro’s legacy.

I mean I would, but I just can’t even… From Right Scoop: In a pretty schizophrenic interview on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera says that Fidel Castro’s legacy will be destroyed by the better system of capitalism, but then goes on to praise him and offer that the common man and the poor did better under his despotic rule.

He gives the “brighter” side of living under totalitarian government rule starting at about the 3 minute mark: Yeah.

Something tells me Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz – sons of Cuban immigrants whose families escaped the communist paradise – won’t agree with Geraldo. Nobody should agree with Geraldo.

Dude is almost a caricature of himself at this point.

Take a breath, Gerry. Open a history book.


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