Peaceful Religious Types Say That Saying Merry Christmas Is Somehow Worse Than Murder?

There are some people that you will naturally disagree with. And then, there are some people that when you hear them you wonder how they have lived as long as they have despite being so blatantly ignorant.Despite what liberals might believe, Americans are a fairly tolerant group. We are used to coexisting with a number of different groups of people.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about all Muslims. Not all are so tolerant, especially when it comes to a treasured Judeo-Christian holiday. This Islamic leader declared that saying “Merry Christmas” is worse than “fornicating, drinking alcohol, and killing someone.”  Certainly, this is an odd statement, and his reasoning for it was strange as well. He said the utilization of that phrase was enabling “a false religion.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, the video has gone viral. A lot of individuals are angered because this is yet another example of where the true intolerance lies—within some Muslims and those who allow them to get away with it.

It is amazing the sense of entitlement this Muslim leader has. He thinks it is perfectly okay to go online and disparage everything that Christians stand for, yet when we dare to criticize any element of his religion, we are labeled intolerant by the liberals everywhere.

At best, it is truly puzzling how it is okay for many in this world to hate on Christianity, yet our own president will lecture us on the correct terminology to use when we are referring to “radical Islam.” I get it, Mr. President. There have been domestic terrorists, but when I go on  vacation next month, I will go through security checkpoints, and it will be BECAUSE of radical Islam and nothing else!

It is the height of hypocrisy to walk on eggshells around individuals like this and let them run roughshod over the very core beliefs of others. But then again, it comes as no surprise because we have culturally moved backwards under President Obama.

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