He Had To Sell His Car To Feed His Family. Years Later, There Is A Knock On The Door……

Years ago, an aunt of mine had this really nice Mustang. I remember that she had to sell it when she was in her twenties and once she got herself ahead she was able to track down the owner of the car and buy it. The impressive part of all this is she did it before the advent of the internet. Sometimes, a car is more than just a car. It holds sentimental value as the vehicle that stuck by you through good times and bad, the car that transported your loved ones and created unforgettable memories.

Herb Younger, of Redondo Beach, California, purchased a 1965 Chevy Impala SS in the fall of 1964. Younger’s two sons, Derek and Jared, recalled fond memories of riding in the backseat of their father’s beloved Impala, with their parents in the front.

“I think he cherished the car not just because he was the first owner and he drove it off the lot, but it was more than a car to him. It really was his baby,” Younger’s son shared.


 In the late 80’s, the Younger family fell on hard times, and Herb parted with his beloved car in order to provide for his family. His children never forgot the sacrifice their father made for them. One day, the brothers realized that they could possibly track down the car and buy it for their father.

A five-year search ensued as the brothers tried to purchase the car. They always seemed to be two steps behind the car, as it journeyed from owner to owner in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New York. The brothers tracked down the car again, in Maine, only to learn it had recently been sold and was on its way to Canada.

Discouraged, the brothers figured they would never get the car back. On the verge of hiring a private investigator to track the Impala down, the brothers made one last hail-Mary search for the vehicle. To their utter shock, the car was for sale, and they purchased it that very night.

The real fun began when the family plotted how to present the Impala to Herb. While an unsuspecting Herb played in a park with his grandkids on a sunny day, his eyes glanced over to see the gorgeous car rolling slowly up to the park.


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