AOC Ripped A New One After She Tried To Take Credit For Amazon/New York Fallout

There is nothing worse than someone that takes credit for something that they had nothing to do with.

Like this whole issue with Amazon not building a facility in New York.

There are about a million and a half reasons why that’s not happening now, and it’s got pretty much nothing to do with a Congresswoman who has been in office such a short amount of time that she doesn’t even know where the break room is yet.

That being said, that will never stop a Democrat from taking credit for something that they had absolutely nothing to do with.

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was blasted by Amazon and experts in economics after she stopped Amazon’s “corporate greed.”

On Thursday, Amazon canceled plans to bring its headquarters to New York.

In exchange for providing 25,000 jobs, Amazon would have received $3 billion in tax breaks, which was vehemently opposed by self-identified socialist Ocasio-Cortez.

According to Jodi Seth, the head of policy communications for Amazon, New York lost those jobs because of resistance from people like Ocasio-Cortez.

“If you talk to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it’s ‘Never Amazon,’” Seth told NBC News in an interview on Thursday. “If you talk to (New York City Councilman Jimmy) Van Bramer, it’s unions.”

In the interview, Seth said that the negative environment created by New York politicians ultimately led to the fallout.

“It was that the environment over the course of the past three months had not got any better. There were some local and state elected officials who refused to meet with Amazon and criticized us day in and day out about the plan,” Seth explained.

While thousands of New York residents are now missing a huge opportunity, Ocasio-Cortez celebrated on Twitter.

In a statement, Cuomo said that a “small group (of) politicians put their own narrow political interests above their community — which poll after poll showed overwhelmingly supported bringing Amazon to Long Island City — the state’s economic future and the best interests of the people of this state.”

Several experts also took the time to thoroughly roast Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter for her economic illiteracy.

Via Conservative Tribune

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