SICK: A New Kneeling Protest Is Spitting In The Face Of Dead Veterans…

I watch this show on television, or at least I used to that I often considered a reasonably harmless diversion from the real world. It is a tattoo competition show where the contestants get judged on whatever tattoo they did that week.

I stopped watching it about five minutes into the last episode of the season. I don’t think I even bothered to find out the winner. The reason is that one of the judges on the show is a famous musician and he played the national anthem on his guitar to start the show and did a pretty good job of it.

What made me turn off the show is that I saw this deluge of people kneeling or sitting down. None of them were missing legs, none of them were in wheelchairs. This kneeling crap has even intruded on my damn tattoo show. Sadly, it’s not the last place it has permeated.

An anonymous poster recently uploaded a particularly disappointing picture in a thread discussing the protests of the National Anthem during the NFL games. In the photo, a black man with scraggly hair, dressed in baggy khakis and a white t-shirt is seen on one knee hunched over to the side as a crowd of respectful on-lookers places their hands over their hearts and looks toward the flag.

The man in question is just the latest in an endless line of absurd attention-seekers and is joined by people like: these three random science women, the cast of the X-Files, and numerous other liberal wannabes.

But they’re only doing what they think is right. After all, we’re told that there’s some mystical system of oppression forcing many black men to leave their families, take up a life of crime, and ultimately be shot by the cops.

 But this protest is different.  This is a protest that should never have happened if the above-mentioned reasons are even remotely true. This is a protest that occurred during the changing of the guard at the most sacred site in all of the Arlington National Cemetery: the tomb of the Unknowns.

“Silent and Standing!”

That’s right! Black Lives Matter and the loose confederation of disloyal liberals that support them have fallen to a brave new low.  In a brazen show of disrespect, this miscreant has decided to display how he feels about the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines that fought for our country and died valiantly for it.

Worst of all, this protest occurred during the ceremonial changing of the guard!  During this ceremony, the commander that brings the next guard over to relieve the current one reminds the audience that they must remain silent and standing during the transition.  It shows a vile disgust for the deceased. Kneeling during this moment doesn’t show disrespect for the flag or the system of government in this case. It’s merely about gaining attention for a cause this black man thinks is more important than the dead.

These sorry sacks have told the concerned conservatives among our ranks that the recent NFL protests have nothing to do with disrespecting the troops.  They promised that this was about the supposed ‘system of oppression’ that ruins the lives of blacks in America in some unexplained manner. Liberals have made this claim ad infinitum–almost until our ears bled we were fed this lie again and again over the past few days.  But now we have proof-of-fact: the members of these disgraceful protest are protesting everything and everyone that makes this country what it is.

Why else would this man have taken it upon himself to protest at the grave of soldiers who literally returned to this land with their bodies too mangled, bloody, fragmented and unrecognizable to be given their own graves?

There is one reason, and one reason alone to decide that the tomb of a patriot must be protested.  Now, it’s hard to name exactly what this reason is–there really isn’t an English word that can rationalize such barbaric and contemptible behavior.

The easiest thing to say is that anyone kneeling in protest of our fallen troops just isn’t American.  They might carry papers that legitimize their nominal claim to citizenship, they might even be able to vote in our elections, but their spirit is black-mass of evil and they should be treated with the utmost suspicion and regarded as an internal enemy of the state and culture.

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