An Old Man Had A Flat Tire And Couldn’t Change It Himself. Who Stepped Up To Help Him Is Absolutely Heartwarming (VIDEO)

Everyone whenever possible should try to help an old person out because God willing we are all going to be old one day and need help ourselves.

It’s the reason why if you see someone who is up there in years struggling with putting their groceries in the back of their car you should try and help them.

You never know when you might be the one someday that needs helping.

A gas station employee has been praised for helping a 91-year-old man change a flat tire.

Jared Stice is currently working at a QuikTrip gas station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but he hopes to attend the Tulsa Fire Academy.

While Stice was at work, 91-year-old Arthur McAfee walked into the gas station and asked if anybody knew how to change a flat tire.

McAfee had been leaving the grocery store when he realized his tire was flat, he later told KOTV-DT.

He pulled into the QuikTrip gas station, confident that someone there would be kind enough to help.

“I don’t think you can find a nicer bunch of young people than they are,” McAfee said of the QuikTrip employees.

McAfee was right.

Stice told McAfee that he knew how to change a tire and followed the 91-year-old outside to his van.

Stice quickly changed the tire, not concerned with the cold weather or his lack of warm clothing.

“It took like 10 minutes to fix. Nobody else was helping him,” Stice said. “Treat people how you want to be treated.”

Stice found out about the photo that night when his girlfriend pointed it out.

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