An American Farmer Plowed An Amazing Message To Trump Into One Of His Field!

Growing up around a lot of farmland, you might see the odd farmer here and there creating a message or some kind of art into a field that they regularly tend to.

Now, let’s not get hasty here and think that someone is going to plow over some crop just to send a message. Most of the time it’s for a crop that they can do it and not have to worry about the bottom line.

Over the course of the past few decades I have seen some very well crafted pieces of art or some wonderful messages plowed into the field owned by one of America’s great farmers.

People that understand what Donald Trump is trying to do the most are the American farmers. You can import all of the food that you want but at the end of the day the people that are feeding us are the ones that are producing food from within.

Plus, they own a lot of land. A LOT. Which means that if they want to send a message they have a pretty big canvas to do it on.

Via Western Journal:

A farmer in North Dakota plowed a huge message of support for President Donald Trump after his Oval Office address.

“Build the wall” is the message Gene Hanson left for Trump in his huge, snowy property.

“President Trump, stand your ground and get-R-done,” Hanson told Fox News.

The farmer’s property spans over two football fields, which means the impressive message can be seen from the sky.

This isn’t the first time the 78-year-old farmer used his giant property to support Trump.

When Trump criticized NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem in 2017, Hanson plowed, “We stand for the National Anthem.”

“I go with Trump on this one,” Hanson told Fox News at the time. “If you want to protest, that’s not the place to do it.”

Hanson’s message about the anthem even caught Trump’s attention.

“Thank you Gene Hanson — a GREAT American (and farmer) who is standing up for our flag, our anthem, and our country!” Trump responded at the time.

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