After Watching This One Video, Pro Choice Women Are Changing Their Minds On The Spot! (WATCH)

If you want to teach someone about how the choices that they are making or are about to make are a really bad set of ideas, sometimes you have to show them the end result of their bad choices.

It’s a take on the old thing that some parents used to do when they would catch their kid smoking when they would make them smoke a whole pack or carton of cigarettes and not leave the room until they are finished to show them the brutal truth of what they are doing.

Sometimes people just need to be shown the absolute brutal truth of what they are doing or are about to do in order to get a hard slap in the face at reality.

Sometimes the truth isn’t going to be pretty. In fact, it rarely ever is.

There are times when you get people’s attention in order for them to see a better way you have to make a gesture that in the short term may seem like it’s a step too far but at the end of the day is something that needs to be done.

Via Patriot Journal:

The abortion debate has reached a fever pitch in the U.S.

New York’s recent bill approving abortion up until birth was shocking enough.

But Virginia quickly attempted to follow suit, with Delegate Kathy Tran boldly stating that her bill allowed abortion even during labor.

Pro-choice politicians are becoming increasingly extremist, and are even defending after-birth abortion, just as disgraced Virginia Governor Northam did during an interview last week.

The Left no longer care if an unborn baby is developed enough to feel pain, and are quickly approving of infanticide.

But every day, more Americans are waking up to the horrific reality of abortion thanks to pro-life advocacy groups like LiveAction.

And one of their recent efforts to advance the pro-life cause has gone viral.

From Western Journal: “In one video posted to YouTube, a woman reflects a common dichotomy of thought about abortion — it is not good, but it is no one’s business but the woman involved.

‘I’m not very ‘for abortion,’ but there are times when you do need abortion, and it’s up to that person, and their rights, and what they want to do,’ she said.

She then watched one video about the grisly procedure, crying as she did. Her comments on abortion after seeing the video show the impact of it.”


“I didn’t know that you’d have to detach and crush, and the process it goes through, and all the risks that happen with this.

So now that I do know, I just — you can, there are so many other options apart from abortion, and I know it sucks, and like, the consequences, and how it happened…

…and why you might want an abortion, but there’s always another option,” she said, saying a pregnant woman has ‘just got to suck it up because it’s a life.’”

This pro-life activism is incredibly effective at changing people’s minds.

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