Actions of Muslim School Needs to be STOPPED!

In a move that is clearly turning its nose at western culture, a Muslim girl’s High School in the United Kingdom is depriving its students of basic hygiene products citing culture reasons. Is America Next?

There has been some media backlash for withholding items that should be a given, like toilet paper, soap, drinking water and more from its students.

The Headteacher of the school is standing by these claims. Citing cultural reasons.

Park Avenue Girls’ High School Headteacher Abdul Ghafoor Salloo states:


“The children, they do use the toilets, and traditionally, because we are Asian, we wash, not only wipe,” he said, according to the The U.K. Daily Telegraph. “There are facilities for pupils to clean themselves.”

He also adds to his comment:

“There are facilities for cleaning yourself in the toilet — it might be hard for someone who doesn’t traditionally wash to understand, and washing is better than wiping clean,”

This statement seems a little off beat. Asians have stated that toilet paper is used as well as other options to keep themselves clean.

However, if it is a true culture matter, it sure seems like if someone went to their country of origin and opened a westernized high school with these products, it would not go down well. That person would be accused of not respecting their culture.

Why is it so hard for western culture to be respected?

Even so, the students do not seem to agree with this policy. Some even claimed that they would avoid going to the bathroom during the day due to the lack of toilet paper and soap.

This has given The U.K.’s Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) gave this school the lowest rating.



They state in a report:

“At the time of the inspection, it was not the school’s common practice to provide soap for pupils’ hand-washing, toilet roll in the toilets or suitable drinking water,”

The inspection of this Stoke-on-Trent school also found broken windows and glass on the floor.

This disgusting actions are what President Trump is trying to keep out of America. No one wants to send their kids to a school where they cannot get a drink of water or cannot properly clean themselves after the use the restroom.

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